DH Awards 2016 – Statistics

As part of DH Awards 2016 we collected a variety of statistics. These included optional ones collected on the nominations and voting where users chose to submit them. In addition we collected a variety of statistics through standard use of Google Analytics.

Nomination Statistics

Nominations are removed if they are duplicates of something already nominated (most common), are not in any way loosely ‘DH’, the nominations committee can’t find any sign of update/release/modification that year, or if the resource owner requests to be removed. Also they may not accept one if it is behind a paywall.  Mostly it is duplicates, people confusing nominating with voting.

Nominations Submitted 77
Nominations Accepted 47

 Ballot Statistics

Ballots are only removed where it is evident that someone has voted multiple times. The rule of thumb is that if they have voted 2 or 3 times (e.g. using the same email address) then we’ll take the last ballot cast. If they have voted over 3 times, we remove all of their votes. In general people sometimes accidentally submit the form more than once.

Ballots Submitted 1726
Ballots Accepted 1652

Links to Google Analytics Data

Google Analytics is running on this website and thus we’re able to make available some other sorts of anonymous data.

    • Awaiting free time to look at google analytics data

Optional Statistics on Nomination / Voting Form


The nomination and voting form asked “What is your gender? (Optional)” and this year instead of a text box gave the options of ‘Male’, ‘Female’, and ‘Other’ with text box. We realise this normalizes a contentious category, but the question is optional. Only accepted nominations and ballots are counted below.

Gender Voting Form Nominations Form
Female  841 25
Male  588 22
Other  3 0
Not Answered  220 0
Totals: 1652 47


Those making nominations and voting were also asked “What is your current country of residence? (Optional)”. This is a clearer demographic marker of whether we’re expanding our international population of voters than asking “Where they are from/born/etc.” since people move around so where they are born often has little to do with the community of which they are now a part.


Countries Voting Nominating
al 1
ar 9 1
at 10 2
au 6 1
be 13
br 7
ca 23 1
ch 4 1
cl 1
co 1
cy 2
de 30 3
dk 2
eg 1
es 20 1
fi 2
fr 16 1
gd 1
gr 313 2
gr 3
hk 1
hu 1
ie 19
ie 1 2
il 4
in 1
it 136 4
ja 2 2
jp 7
kr 2
mx 46 1
ne 1
nl 24 1
no 1
nz 3
pl 3
pr 5
pt 2
ro 1
ru 1 1
sc 1
se 3
sg 2
sl 1
tr 1
tw 4
uk 112 5
us 325 19
us 11
uy 2
vn 1
za 4
zm 2
zw 4
zw 4
zw 4
Totals: 1207 48

If you make use of any of these statistics we’d appreciate it if you got in touch.