DH Awards 2023 Results

The winners of the DH Awards 2023 are as follows. Once duplicates were removed, the ballots as cast by members of the public for more than two weeks voting for one or more of the categories chose the winners. Sorry if your favoured resource did not win — open public votes are popularity contests not necessarily a measure of worth and some of the resources campaigned more successfully than the others.

Note: Resources may self-nominate and are not filtered for quality. Winning should not be taken as a measure of importance or quality of resource. Winners may use the icons (if they want) on their websites. Since this is a DH awareness activity, if lots of people saw your favoured resource, then we all win!

BEST DH DATA VISUALIZATION (e.g. a visualization of DH data)

BEST DH DATASET (e.g. a corpus of texts, table of data, or similar used for DH research)

BEST DH SHORT PUBLICATION (e.g. blog, article, video, on DH)

BEST DH TOOL OR SUITE OF TOOLS (e.g. something used to build a DH resource)

BEST DH TRAINING MATERIALS (e.g. talks, slides, exercises, videos, or how-to guides in any form)

(e.g. a report on why a project failed, or problems with DH)

BEST USE OF DH FOR FUN (e.g. something that uses DH for purposes of enjoyment)